The Snooker Triangle

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of  the World Snooker Championship being at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield and to highlight the role of the unsung hero of snooker. The snooker triangle has been reinvented.

Designed in Sheffield home of the World Snooker Championship, forty numbered snooker triangles will be made to celebrate the anniversary. The Beck professional snooker triangle represents the desires and demands of referees, snooker players, and fans.

Used at the World Snooker Championship the Beck professional snooker triangle received high praise for its design, innovation, smoothness and accuracy from Jan Verhaas one of the world’s most recognised and respected snooker referees.

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Dave Johnson

“It’s a beautiful looking thing isn’t it? Didn’t realise snooker triangles could look like that. I hope I’ll be able to get one soon.”

Nathan Inman

“You’ve done a good job, way better than the ones I’ve seen out there. That’s what snooker needs.”

Conrad Finch

“Well engineered, all lot of work has gone into it, has it? Wow, it’s so smooth, all trianlge should look like this.”


The best and smoothest professional snooker triangle I have ever used - Jan Verhaas

Did You Know?

The Unsung Hero Of Snooker

Snooker is a sport that requires concentration, consistency and precision and for decades millions of people watch and play snooker focused on enjoying or improving their game.

At the beginning of every frame there is the break and also at the beginning for the frame is the snooker triangle. This vital piece of equipment is used today by professionals to place the triangle of red balls accurately and consistently in the same spot every time a frame is started. However, since the 80s the three sided snooker triangle that you might be use to is not the type of snooker triangle that is used in tournaments.

For consistency break offs you should use a snooker triangle, not a triangle.

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